About the band

Allan Watson (Guitar)
Allan is a doctor of rare skin diseases and as a result of his work now owns a fine collection of scrapings and extracted infestations. Nice.
When not cutting skin off people, he likes to paint. This week he's doing his master bedroom.

Richard Brough (Guitar) 
Richard is an on call breakdown engineer for meccano. His work keeps him busy especially in the new year when Christmas presents given in good spirit, turn into mechanical headaches for ill trained parents. He says his work is satisfying because he likes working with spanners.

Sheridan Brough (Drums)

When she's not beating the daylights out of her drum kits, Sheridan is a professional frog herder. It's quiet work at this time of year but come spring she'll be busy making sure all the little frogs and toads return safely to their home ponds for the breeding season.  A keen conservationist she helps the eco system by not driving, but rather gets her dad to drive her everywhere.

Chris (Joe) Bancroft (Keyboards, Vocals)

Chris is a night watchman at the South Pole research centre. He enjoys the shift rota (six months on, six months off) which despite being quite tiring on patrol for six months without so much as skinny latte break, is still great as it allows him ample time for his hobby, of pike fishing in the UK winter months.

Garry Brough (Bass, Vocals)
Garry is a Manure Wholesaler and would like to advertise the fact that he will be holding a sale in the new year as his warehouse is currently full of sh** (rather like the author of this report)

Adam Purdy is the invisible 6th member of the band
(Artwork, Lyrics and other creative stuff)
Adam is a professional arm wrestler and also runs a burger van by the A38 just near the roundabout. Being a vegetarian he also has to wrestle with his conscience but so far profit compensates well for moral degradation.

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