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Interview with Adam

10 questions for our mystery man of art and ideas.

1. If you could ban anything, what? 
The wearing of jeans/trousers so your arse is sticking out the top... this look wasn't good when builders were doing it 20+ years a go so god knows why people think it's good now...but last thing I want to see is your skid marks down the back of your boxers...thank you...

2. If you could make anything compulsory, what?
Real Ale in every pub! bring back real beers with real flavours in all pubs...so tired of going to pubs and all there is to drink is some bland fizzy beer.

3. Favourite band?
Hmmm Traditionally Hawkwind has been my favourite band for many years... recently though a band called Abney Park just love their sound... I also am partial to Alanis Morisette, Dresden Dolls, Muse, Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed.

4. Favourite film? 
Too many films to have just one favourite... and I am a bit of a film fan too so I watch many especially from other countries too... but I've always loved Aliens, Reservoir Dogs, Oliver!, Troy, Eric the Viking, Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Run Lola Run, Queen of the Damned and of course Lord of the Rings...

5. Favourite quote?
You must die! I alone am best!

6. If you could un-invent something, what would it be?
The combustion engine... think of how different the world would be without it...

7. Did man land on the moon?
Well I personally don't know anyone who has landed on the moon or been in to space...but I have seen Bruce Willis land on a meteor/comet in a space shuttle... and the moon landings were during the cold war when one side was trying to get the advantage over the other... so would it be unfeasible of the US to fake such a thing to make the Russians look bad? it's an interesting thought...

8. Who do you most admire?
My Dad (RIP) and anyone with a worthwhile talent specifically artists, engineers, writers and musicians...

9. How many times have you watched the movie Aliens
I have run out of fingers and toes...so I guess many many times! 

10. How many times have you told them?
Depends who you mean by 'them' if 'them' are the government then I told them nothing!...it wasn't me it was the other three!