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Interview with Allan

10 questions for Allan "Chugger" Watson
Favourite Band? : -  
>Metallica, grew up listening to T-Rex, Queen etc... But fell into Metallica the first moment I heard And Justice for all......
Favourite Song?  : -
 Tough one this, got so many fav songs it's hard to pin it to one so here is my top 5 in no particular order :-
>Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
>Metallica - One (specifically live at Donington (Escape from the studio) in 95, when it was raining it felt like I was in the video!!!)
>T-Rex - 20th century boy - reminds me of when I was a kid listening to it for the first time.
>Alanis Morrisette - Hand in my pocket, (see Fav Album!)
>Paramore - crushcrushcrush - just love Hayley's voice!!!
Favourite Album? :-
>Alanis Morisette - Jagged Little Pill - first time I heard Hand in my Pocket, I went straight out and brought the album, and what an album it was, liked every song on it, so much so it was all me and Ad (invisible 6th member of the band) was listening to for about 6 months as we travelled from place to place. This is the ONLY album I have ever brought where I loved EVERY song on it.
Favourite Film? :- Another question I have a problem with, 2 sets of films come to mind, so in no particular order this effectively is my top 10.
>Star Wars - to me they are all one film they tell a story and even though some parts of the movie are lets be honest a bit pants, I grew up with the original trilogy and just wanted to see where the pre-quals went. Got to say though that when you put all 6 together they make a sort of sense. But you will never change my mind.
>Lord of the Rings - waited so many years for this to be made, and the original cinema versions where a bit of a let down, but when the extended versions where released, whoa did he redeem himself, although still missing one of my favourite scenes from the first book, I just can't stop watching these classics.
Now for the controversial one.......
>The Hobbit! - yes I know it hasn't been released yet (as of 11.02.2012) and no I haven't had a sneak preview, but it completes the LOTR trilogy and it just sounds good!! I know when I will see it I will love it and it will make it's way into my top 10 forever!!!!
Favourite Food? :-
>Pasta, probably eat too much of it!
Worst thing in the world? :-
>Not seeing my daughter as often as I would like.
Best thing in the world? :-
>Meeting Bev (My wonderful fiancée)
If you could have a super power what would you choose? :-
>Already have one, call me room clearer, the power to clear rooms in one deadly whoosh of gas!!!
If you could be anyone else, who would you be? :-
>You know I have sat thinking about this, but come to the same conclusion every time, I would be me but with more money and more talent, looks like I better get a guitar tutor!! 
What is the square route of 169? :-
>Man it's 3 come up with something original! ;) (13 for those who like maths!)
Well there you have it the inner workings of my mind, enjoy!!!