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Interview with Joe

1. What is the most important thing about a person?
I guess to be honest with yourself and others.  There's too much oppression in life and so many ways that you can be put down.  I know that most people live in a state of worry over money and health but there is no answer is there? - Be yourself and look after your friends and your loved ones.

2. What is the daftest thing you would own up to having done?
Daft is such a funny word isn't it?  - I have done so many things I am ashamed of and other things that make me smile but daft?....I guess spending nights in nightclubs with my old friend Mick Bacon and wondering why I'm still alive after he has started fights with almost everyone he could find and the rest of us getting dragged in to most of them - still don't understand how we got away with it.

3. What is the craziest car you ever owned?
An Austin A40 in green, circa 1971 - stopped by a policeman in Eastwood with @ 8 people in.  He asked me how the front wings were held on and I told him that they were a bit loose and that I had purloined some green tape from work and wrapped about 5 rolls all the way round the front wings, under the car and back over the top to hold the front together - I didn't see the problem but he obviously did - made me take the car off the road!

4. If you could be in any band in the world which would it be?
Quite happy with The Saws and Heart and Soul thanks!

5. Apart from Bass, Guitar, Keyboards and Mandolin what other instruments do you play or would like to play?
I have a Ukelele, several mouth organs, have played a full range of percussion when teaching the kids at school but would really love to be able to make my arms and legs move at a different time in order to play the drums - funny how you always want to play the things you can't!  Always had a real desire to play the alto sax as well.

6. If you could put something in Room 101 (i.e. remove it from existence) what would you choose?
Any government that purports to represent the people!  (especially the Tories!)

7. When you are not on duty at the South Pole what is your favourite way to pass the time?
Love my Kawasaki EN 500 motor bike - name is Tallulah - also love motor bike racing, mainly the BSB championship and I like to while a few hours away fishing-  When the weather is poor, nothing is better than working on some music in my study.

8. If you could have invented anything in the world what would that be?
The electric guitar - Leo Fender is a name that will live long in every rock fans heart.  The thought of being the one who invented the Strat and the the Telecaster....Wow!          After the tragic news of Jim Marshall passing away I realise I missed out that the greatest accolade would be to have been working with Jim on his amp designs.  Such a fantastic sound, great quality and played by amazing musicians. Hope that the volume is turned to 11 wherever you are Jim!

9. Why don't fish sleep?
Because they spend too much time drinking!

10. What is the best thing about life?
Believe me guys - when you get told that you might not have much time left you suddenly appreciate everything and everybody.  I absolutely love life and the richness of every experience.