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Garry's Diary

I've been a.w.o.l. again. Sorry dear reader. So anyway, we are starting from scratch with a largely new set of songs. It's time for me to get writing as well. I want us to post some original stuff on YouTube, so hopefully the guys will go along with me... 
That's my way of breaking it to you guys :-)

Hi all
we are playing at the Poet and Castle Codnor, on Monday October 7th at about 8:30pm. I hope you can come along to support us.

Absent Without leave for 4 month??? WTF??
WE did a storming Smoke on the water on Sunday. I was very very very proud.
Looking forward to getting out and playing somewhere soon.

Been learning some new covers. Pretty in Pink sounds great, and Sympathy for the Devil is coming along very nicely thank you.
Been having some great fun jamming with Scotty. Looking forward to more of that.

First snow of the new year. Mixed emotions about that. 
I've fired up the Triton and searching for ideas among the notes and sounds. Fun!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all our friends.
"Let's hope it's a good one, without any tears"

A month since my last entry, blimey! It just shows the pace of life and the distractions that play their part.
I'm getting fit (doctors orders) going swimming and to the gym again. Phew!. Work is in turmoil with redundancies etc so thats all very exciting.
We had our first practice for 4 weeks on Sunday. I enjoyed it very much, and we got our teeth into 2 new covers, Sympathy for the Devil, and Pretty in Pink. 2 great songs.

Bonjour for now

Sheri and I went to the Poet and Castle "Showcase night" last night to check out the bands. Saw 3 bands with top billing being a band called Shackled (great name for a band that) We really enjoyed it and had a good chat with the host Ryan. By the way get well soon Dan!

Mixers and other pains in the arse.
I'm still not happy with that Studio master desk. When the level lights come on it generates a humming still. So I'm going back to Rattle and Drum again with a view to getting my money back or goods to the value. Enough is enough.
That said, yesterday as Sheridan and I set up the cabin again, and with humming desk we decided to fire up The Beast!. WOW!!! Analogue, heaven. It sounds great! There's a few pops and crackles on the sliders but a bit of cantact cleaner with no doubt cure that. The amp is also a Monster.
I'm thinking if we need more mobile we can feed the lttle Behringer one through the Monster Amp too.

Sheridan has a very nice bruise on her BTM after her little tumble on Sunday but no serious damage done.

As per the main news page, thanks to all of you for playing so well on Sunday. It's a shame the crowd wasn't bigger for the second half but there you go. The landlady told me, she was very happy with what we did, and that on Sunday nights the crowd always thins out early. I had been a bit deflated by people leaving but after she explained that, I felt much better.
So there we are, soul bared again. Not a bad first proper gig all in all.

Have a think about the set list. Then in your own mind select 2 of the songs to "save". Write them down then we'll reveal our choices on Sunday. So between 2 and 10 songs will be saved, then we can build a new live set around that core. It will be refreshing to get some new ones in, and even those we drop for now are never lost and we can always pick them up again if we fancy.

Now on to writing some orginal songs and getting them on t'internet.

The replacement amp (# 3) has arrived, and it's not broken. It works! Rock on!
Also I bought a pocketful of picks today. So now I have a pick-pocket. :-)

That delayed scream was brought to you courtesy of yet another amp that arrived damaged and not working.
Sent back to supplier today, should have amplifier v1.3 on Thursday.
Over and out

Good news!
The new amp as pictured below has arrived.
I'll be doing the grand unpacking tonight :-)

It's the final countdown.. dada der da dada der da dar
10 days to go for the big night out! I'm properly looking forward to it. Nuff said.

I called Gear4Music. They have collected the rest of the "White Horse" amp today.
That one is discontinued, so they have offered me as a replacement, a 120 watt Combo priced at £30 more than the white horse, so I agreed to that. Hopefully we'll have that in the next few days.

SubZero GT212 120W DSP Guitar Amp

Holidays and happy days.
Well I just got back from a fine 2 weeks holiday including a week in Yorkshire. Whitby is a beatiful place if you've never been. Then we had a week boating in Norfolk. A regular favourite of ours, we loved it again this time. Already planning next year's trip, in June probabaly.
Anyway, got back from hols and then had a brilliant practice on Sunday, despite an amp giving up the ghost. We went right through the whole set for the forthcoming full gig on OCT 28th at the Poet and Castle. Most of the time we were as tight as a ducks arse in a thunderstorm. Brilliant!

Also I got a mail from the MUSE website with a link to the whole new album "The 2nd Law" available to stream and listen. (see below)
Muse are for me like all the great bands and artistes, you can rely on them to be unprerdictable.
Much has been made of their use of dubstep, which only really appears in 2 or 3 of the tracks and I think they use it well. They also have some nice nods to other great bands like Queen, Floyd, Radiohead etc which are easily noticiable in the songs, yet the songs remain unmistakeably MUSE. Some people don't like that (using influences) or say that MUSE are not like they used to be but for my money I say just listen without any expectations and you'll hear great songs played and produced beautifully. Did Queen play Bo_Rap clones for the next 15 years? No of course not, they moved on and developed as every great and enduring artist does.

Have fun you crazy kids!

Despite a couple of sticky moments the other night, feedback has been good from our set at the Poet and Castle last Monday evening so I'm encouraged. Really need to make sure we can hear ourselves. :-)
Sheridan absolutely mullered the drum kit on Uprising, and Joe's keys on it was great too. It went down really well, especially with the other musicians in the room. 
You noticed the missing guitar for sure but it was still a good set.

We've had a new arrival in the practice room. It's noisy and great. 'Nuff said for now :-)

We have been invited to play in a "battle of the bands" at the Jolly Colliers, Heanor on October 14th. As the organizer, compare and top charity support Jimmy Draper said, "I reckon the band who brings the best support will win on the clap-o-meter" lol
So if the guys are up for doing a short set there, then so am I. It would be a lark, and for a good cause too. It even has a substantial prize for the winners.. top secret though.

signing off

I've added some photos in the gallery section, courtesy of Rae Hicking
Happy days 

BBQ Success.
Thanks to everyone who came along and making it a great night. the weather was excellent, the food and drink was plentiful, and lots of laughs and great conversation to make the night a memorable one for me.
Well done to everyone in the band for playing out of their skins and through the sound issues.
Special thanks to Steve Baker for treating us to some blues, as well as Joe and Sheridan for stepping up to support him with no practice of any kind beforehand. A proper JAM!
I was chuffed to hear how sweet my bass amp sounded after handing over to Joe. I hope I get that good one day :-)
Next time Steve, I'll jam with you too. :-)

Well I've been so busy with my day job I've been a bit sloppy on keeping up the diary so here goes.
I got a letter yesterday from the Performing Rights Society, so I had to reassure them that The saws is a "just for fun band". 
I for one would never rip off talented song writers by making money from their work and not paying my dues accordingly. It was funny however as they thought The Saws is a business and that my house was some kind of entertainment venue. Now Mrs Brough may see it as such when I'm on good form but otherwise it's just my home  ;-)
Still it's good to know they are looking after the full time artistes. 

Other news. 
I'm loving the Olympics. Go Team GB.

Sun's out so I'm off into the garden now. Bye for now!

Been lost in a time-warp. Saw our mates Junction playing a "Rock of Ages" gig last night, tracking the history of rock music through a performance using the medium of noise!!! Highlight of the night for me was Comfortably Numb. Excellent rendition guys.
Motivation fix complete.

Breaking news. BBQ gig list published.... :-)

Had a crazy idea yesterday. This year is the 40th anniversary of the release of the Ziggy Stardust LP which, by coincidence, was the first album I ever bought. So I thought wouldn't it be great to learn the whole album and play it at the BBQ and maybe a Monday night gig at the Poet and Castle or something. Hmmm  I wonder........

Been absent without leave. well with leave really. I had  a few days away at the coast. Very nice!
My voice is still very sore, but I'm hoping it will be on the mend soon. 
I saw the movie Avengers Assemble the other night, it was great fun. 

Popped into the Poet and Castle on Friday night to see Junction. Good gig lads.. Proper heavy / prog rock stuff. love it.
Busy practice today, getting to grips with The Cars' Just What I needed, and others. Oh and broke into an impromtu bit of Diamond Dogs.. cool

Great conversation going on about new ideas for covers. Good variety, and plenty of bangin' tunes

I'll get the practice list up to date on here in the Band Only Pages, so look out for new stuff on there guys and we still need a couple more tunes for a full set list so any ideas just let me know.

Excellent practice today. Soon getting back on top of stuff like Uprising/Dr Who, and the old rock and rollers. Also did a nice segue of Knockin' on Heaven's Door and Hey Joe... good work all...  Note to self, forget doing Life on Mars  lol

I was practising "Australia" by Manic Street Preachers the other day. What a great song that is. Full of energy. Been out for a good long drive around the Peak District today. What a joy it is to live in this beautiful county of Derbyshire. It was bloody cold mind you, so stayed in the car mostly :-)

Had a good weekend despite the weather.
Saturday night we went on a booze cruise with Jimster Draper and saw a great ukulele band (duo) called The Re-Entrants. They played pop and rock covers with my favourites being Poker Face (hilarious cover) and Money Money Money . 
Sunday I donned my best Columbus costume to visit the themed weekend at Crich Tramway museum. Unfortunately it turned to be not a 1490's weekend but a 1940's weekend. Doh!

Well, here I am on  my EASTER holidays and it's SNOWING!
Off to the practice room then.... :-)

Hello readers. Sorry I've been a while updating the diary. My day job has been keeping me very busy.
Last night we played a most successful gig at the Poet and Castle Codnor. It was another showcase night. One of the artistes booked to play didn't show so at short notice we extended our set to 15 songs from the intended 10 which was a surprise but the band handled it well. I'm very proud of everyone. My voice started to break down again. I'll have to do something about that.
BUT! We performed with a lot more energy than last time out, and I could see heads bopping in the room which is always a good sign. Virginia Plain went down very well as did See Emily Play. The guys from the other band "Junction" were getting well into Ziggy Stardust and Suffragette City. They played a great set themselves which was incredible considering they were a man down due to illness.


F1 is back, Yippee!!!
Great answers in Joe's "interview". Helps remind me how lucky we all areto do something we love. Gush gush .
Got a nice provisional set list written. All 70's, all lively.
We got great praise from a couple of people for our rendition of Heroes last time out. Especially from Jim Draper who, if Carlsberg made Bowie fans, would be the standard by which they measure dedication to the cause. When someone is that dedicated to the original, it's a tall order to do a cover that impresses them, but we did so well done guys.

Good News! My bass is fixed, and I'll be picking her up from Rattle and Drum on Friday
Bass Player's log, supplemental. Great practice tonight, high energy throughout the set. Many thanks to Scotty for standing in  / helping out. Sheridan played too as the injured wrist was a lot better today, but I'm so glad Scotty was here to play and at least get Sheridan to rest a bit.
I'm amazed how much Scotty has come on and he's going to make a fine drummer. Time to build a band around yourself Scotty! :-)

Well, I got man flu and an even more sore throat. Sheridan has hurt her wrist and is struggling to play. But! In the true British tradition we shall soldier on. Scotty has kindly offered to stand in on drums for practice for Sheridan today, and I'll muddle through as always. We can be Heroes, just for one day.
Remembering today the people of Japan a year after the earthquake and tsunami which killed over 19,000 people. 

Still waiting for my bass to come out of intensive care :-(

Good practice last night with FFOR back on track. Also jammed a nice bass line with the guys. I like jamming, it's the building blocks of new ideas. Like Adam says, it's like the conversation that comes up over a pint or three. You don't know where it might lead but it's fun to find out.
My baby is in for an operation. The volume control for the front pick-up has died so I've taken her to the doctor at Rattle and Drum for a re-fit. Hopefully she'll be all better really soon
Happy 12th birthday Isabel :-)
I went to a football match last night. England under 19s vs. Czech Republic, Nothing notable I suppose except that it's the first one I've been to since Derby County (under Brian Clough) vs Bolton Wanderers circa 1971 when as a wee sprog and I went with my Dad. 

Well we had the difficult second driving lesson last night. Five Fingers of Rock (working title) sounded great last time out but we struggled last night to get the feel right. I think there was a lot of tiredness in the room so the energy wasn't there. Never mind. Next time ...

Well, I had ordered a Behringer bass distortion pedal but the supplier was have problems being out of stock etc. So they offered me a selection of alternatives at a discount. All very fair you would say and indeed it is. So the pedal I went for has a great spec but a rather unfortunate name. When I saw it I just had to have it. It's called the "Big Muff Pi".
Can't wait to plug into that :-)

Sheridan has been frog herding this evening. No really she has. It just goes to show how mild the weather is that the little frogs have come out already. Before you know it she'll be up to her armpits in amphibians.

Spreading the word in London town.

Well that's been a most satisfying practice. Our new song "Five fingers of rock" is sounding great. Still work to do on it but wow it's gonna be good.


Time travel is a wonderful thing don't you think?

Bass restrung. I lowered the action and got the intonation sorted this time :-)
Gave it a run through last night and it's sounding pretty good.
I'd like us all to learn "Five Fingers" this weekend, so we can then soon get it recorded and up on YouTube. I reckon it's going to be a bangin' tune...

I was pleased to see our 2 tracks, Awakening, and Burn have been listened to by the people at BBC radio. Hopefully we may get a play.

I got good feedback from folks here in Derby about the gig. They really enjoyed it. 
I've asked Adam to become the official video bloke, to film us and other footage, and edit in readiness for YouTube etc.
New Bass Strings acquired.

12/02/2012 (Supplementary)My new Orange Bass rig is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is just an emotional roller coaster is it not? I'm over my voice insecurity issues, thanks to the guys basically telling me not to be a prat. Hearing you loud and clear all. Now lets get writing and recording!

A glorious day! New bass amp acquired. Orange Terror bass 500 and SP410 1200w isobaric bass speaker cab. It sounds awesome with my Aria pro 2 bass, Can't wait to use it "anger" lol

I just got chance to see some of the clips put on You Tube by friends who were at the gig on Monday. My sore throat voice sounds awful, sorry viewers. I'll see if they will take them off again. 

06/02/2012 Poet and Castle gig.
We had a great gig tonight and a great turnout by our friends despite the cold weather. We totally nailed a few of the songs, especially, I thought, "My Best Friends Girl" and "China Girl". Apart from a couple of minor slips we were pretty tight all the way through so well done guys. I love you all.  Dan the host surprised us by getting us to do an extra song. We did "Heroes" which we hadn't played at all since August last year so I was chuffed that we got that pretty good. My voice decided to play up a bit but the audience were kind and let me get away with it.... I think :-). Singing lessons on the agenda I reckon.
Cheers, Garry